Travelling: Hebrides

We arrive at Tobermory late in the evening On the 'moorings' at Tobermory
Above: Late in the evening we arrive at Tobermory.
Right:  The next morning it shows up that we are laying in a
            sun-drenched little bay.
On Loch Linnhe we sail downwind, but as soon as we enter the Sound of Mull, the wind turns to the northwest so that we have to tack against the wind. Besides that the wind increases that much, that we have to go for a genoa-II and a reefed mainsail. Arriving before Tobermory however, the wind drops down to zero and we moor in a little bay in front of that village. The next day finds us in very beautiful weather, so we go for sightseeing Tobermory. There's almost no wind and it seems like there is no time as well!... It looks like you enter one of Charles Dickens' sceneries.
The lovely village of Tobermory Tobermory is a picturesque villa-ge on a splendid island. It is simply a relief; nobody is in a hurry and life goes on in an easy way. Never-theless every-thing looks well and well treated. We are very happy with the weather. It is sunny and warm. Later on we hear that in the Netherlands the weather is very bad. So, we made the right choice! The bay shows up to be crowded with jellyfishes; another subject to picture, as you can see below!...

Seagull Jellyfish
Jellyfish Jellyfish Jellyfish

Tobermory - Bell tower Tobermory - Clydesdale Bank Tobermory - Church
All kinds of Chimneys
We don't have that much time to explore the Hebrides; we only have four weeks to sail through the Caledonian Canal and Hebrides to the Faroes. Besides that we like to visit Lerwick on the Shetlands on our way back. That's why we stay in Tobermory for one day only. It's a pity, but nothing to do. Therefore we depart in the afternoon. We now like to visit the isle of Skye. In a little bay, alongside the Sound of Sleat, we drop our anchor in a lot of kelp, but it holds. We pass the night and the next day we visit the island. Again in the afternoon we depart for passing the Kyle of Lochalsh, a narrow with strong tidal currents and to continue our way to Portree. There we stay for two nights and then we continue to Stornoway on the isle of Lewis. There we arrive on the Saturday afternoon and get some mackarels from a sea angler. That fish we appreciated very much. Tobermory - Main street
The moorings in front of Tobermory

The lighthouse at the entrance of the Sound of Mull Cape near the Sound of Mull
The lighthouse at the entrance of the Sound of Mull.
The dark lining is the wind blowing around Mull.
Anchorage near Skye Marsh mayweed
Calystegia sepium
Arrived at Skye, we find a place to pass the night in a little bay, our anchor drop-ped in a real 'Kelp garden'. But no wind and safe!
Above: Anchorage in a little bay near the isle of Skye. — Above right: Marsh mayweed. — Below: Calystegia sepium.
Skye - Little hamlet Berthing in the morning light
Little hamlet on the isle of Skye.
Lifting clouds over Scotland
Scotland's mountains appear from out the fog clouds.

Skye - Landscape Rhododendron
Filipendula ulmaria Hieracium umbellatum Blackberry
Flowers of the Hebrides.

Above right: Rhododendron.
Left:              Filipendula ulmaria.
Above:          Hieracium umbell.
Right:           Blackberry.
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum
Chrysanthemum - Lotus - Varen
Lotus corniculatus

On our way to the Narrows
From the Sound of Sleat we now enter the Narrows near the Kyle of Lochalsh. Because of the strong and turbulent tidal currents, this area is an infamous place, especially in strong winds!
Hamlets alongside green slopes
Sound of Sleat
Hamlet Kyle of Lochalsh with turbulent tidal currents
We are lucky; we arrive in the turbulent area with no wind. The boat is meandering through these currents, but the seals are happy. It's easy to guess how it will look like in a strong gale. Everybody warns for that situation. Anyway, if that's the case, we don't like to sail there then.
Kyle of Lochalsh - swimming seal

Kyle of Lochalsh
Kyle of Lochalsh — the weather is changing and it changes very quick in this area! But from now we have free way...

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