Travelling: Hebrides

The weather is getting worse very quick... Uria aalge
The weather worsens very quick; in an hour we change from bright sunshine with no clouds into rain and fog! But the sea birds don't care.
The Cuillins
Red- and Black Cuillins
Steep rockwall The cliffs sheer above sea
It is really unbelievable how quick the weather changes. It's getting cold and rainy. we sail along steep cliffs with huge clouds covering their summits. Particularly the entrance to Portree is marked by cliffs sheering out of the sea. We keep a safe distance to these walls; you never know, what big stones will happen to be just below the water surface. Everywhere we see clouds of sea birds swimming. Only their necks are above water. Nowhere in the Hebrides, with exception of Stornoway, you can lay alongside a quay or jetty. If there's one, it's for the commercial traffic. Therefore it's necessary to take an inflatable with you. We have a good one, but no outboard engine; we just row.

The sea side of Portree
After Tobermory, a gloomy look
Portree is a little village on the Isle of Skye. Seen from the sea side it looks really picturesque. The white houses against a dark background. The weather is not that nice, it's raining slightly and no sun to be seen. The environment isn't that beautiful like it is in Tobermory. We stay there for two nights and thus we have a full day. Skye is the biggest island of the Inner Hebrides. To the west of this archipelago lays a ring of small and some bigger islands; the Outer Hebrides. They all are worth to visit and we have to go once more, but then we need more time. There are wonderful cliffs, for a big part from basalt. The weather is very changeable; cool summers and mild winters. There's a lot of rain and fog. But this all make the islands more mysterious.
 — Right; Quo Vadis as seen from out the dinghy.
Quo Vadis at her mooring
The bay near Portree

Cliffs and basalt on Skye The freakish skyline of Skye
The northern cape of Skye

Lifeboat at her station Fishing vessels in the harbour of Stornoway
On our way to the harbour of Stornoway, we pass the lifeboat. Very strange that it doesn't lay in the harbour.  —— Right: Fishing vessels in Stornoway.
Fishing vessels of Stornoway

Colourful picture of a fishing vessel Stornoway - Presbyterian Church
Stornoway Castle - A university now
Stornoway - Quay Stornoway - Main street
On the Sunday, the streets are empty, just like it used to be on Urk in the Netherlands. We depart again and say 'Goodbye' to the Hebrides.

Colourful, but not really environment-minded...


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