Travelling: Scotland

Loch Oich Invergarry Castle
No need to explain...
Invergarry Castle - Jetty Invergarry Castle
Invergarry Castle
About halfway Loch Ness, on the northern bank of the lake, we see the ruin of Invergarry Castle.

Loch Oich Steep rocks
Loch Oich
Canal between mountain and dike... Water fall
After we passed Loch Oich, we enter a beautiful scenery with the name; Laggan Avenue. It's a part of the canal with high mountains on the northern bank and a valley on the south. The canal is simply cut out of the mountain rocks. At some distance in front it looks like the water level is lower. Even on the picture you can see this. Very strange!
Laggan Avenue
Laggan Avenue

Gairlochy bathing in the very early sunshine Jetty before Gairlochy locks
Early in the morning, when everybody is still sleeping...

Loch Lochy Caledonian Canal - After Loch Lochy
Caledonian Canal with the weather becoming more beautiful!
After we passed Loch Lochy, we arrive at the Gairlochy Locks. After closing time, of course, but we don't care for it. We go alongside a yacht with five students on board. They are very polite and friendly and we spend a nice evening on board with them. the next morning they even buy a bread for us in the village. That morning I woke up early and I see beautiful weather with big lifting clouds over Loch Lochy. The right moment to make some pictures. After Loch Lochy, which we didn't like so much after we saw Loch Oich and the Laggan Avenue, we now enter the last part of the canal, the part leading to Fort William. This track also offers a splendid view on the mountains in the south, slightly increasing in height, with the Ben Nevis to be the highest summit. While the other mountains have heights from 600 to 900 meters, the Ben Nevis is 1342 meters high. It's Great Britain's highest mountain. Though it is in July, on the northern slopes we still can see snow fields. We like to climb the mountain, but we have lack of time. Thus we depart from this splendid area to continue our trip to Fort William, to the last locks, the Banavie locks, or better known as; Neptune's Staircase... Ben Nevis  towers high above the landscape
The Ben Nevis comes in sight
The mountains become more wild and higher...
And so the clouds do
Ben Nevis with some snow fields at some places. With 1342 meters the highest mountain of Great Britain.

Loyal Volunteer is rising Wescol and we go down Would it go or not?...
We arrive at Banavie just before the lunch break. So we have to wait. Down at the sea side a Navy vessel is waiting and they will let him go first. At 3 pm he is through and when we are down it's 5 pm. All afternoon busy, for three boats only!... It's the most ragged lock; one of the doors seems to fall completely from its hinges and after a quarter of an hour, many closing trials and pushed by the current, the door closes.   Lucky we!...
Neptune's Staircase Ben Nevis without any cloud! Fort William - Ruin
The Banavie Locks, better known as 'Neptune's Staircase' are the last ones we have to pass on our way to Hebrides and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a great piece of engineering and it has a flight of 8 locks. For the night we stay near Fort William. It's a village not worth to be visited. All streets are straight and the plan of the village is rectangular. It's neither fish nor fowl... When we tell this to a Scotchman his face starts smiling; 'You think so? You're right! That place is inhabited and built by the English!' All afternoon Ben Nevis had been without any cloud. But in the evening the clouds come back.
Fort William - Ruin Fort William - Bridge for pedestrians In the evening  'Ben' takes on its cloudy hat

Loch Linnhe Shackleton flies over
We hear the sound of planes... A Shackleton flies over Loch Linnhe. We are back on tidal waters, but the current, wind and we go in the same direction. In Fort William we met a sad Englishman; 'From Inverness to here I had to struggle against the southwesterly wind. I had one dream; to sail back downwind. Now again I have to sail windward!' He didn't know our coming...
The 'whirlpool' around the isthmus near the lighthouse

Loch Linnhe - Away from Fort William...
We are free again! Away from the whirling currents and Fort William disappears behind us... Hebrides, here we come!


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