Travelling: Shetlands

Eshaness - Atl. Ocean
Eshaness - The Atlantic coast of the Shetlands.
Outer Skerries
 The Out-Skerries; here 2 V.O.C.-ships shipwrecked.
Muckle Flugga
 Muckle Flugga; the most northern cape.

Mimulus guttatus Magalenes Ragwort Marsh Thistle
Tiger Orchid         The flowers on the Isles.
    Above - fltr.
  • Mimulus guttatus
  • Magalenes Ragwort
  • Marsh Thistle

  • Below - fltr.
  • Tiger Orchid
  • Chrysanthemum segetum
  • Buttercup
Chrysanthemum segetum

Fjord Fjord.1
   In the Shetlands you will find many fjords. Some are deep, others very shallow.

Geranium pratense
 Geranium pratense
Shetland forest
This is the only forest, that you will
find on the Shetlands... A retired cap-
tain, grew it there. His proposition;
it's not the wind, but it's the sheep
that kill forests!
He fenced the area...
Forest road
 Forest 'Alley'...

Scalloway castle Scalloway city
Formerly Scalloway was the capital of the Shetlands, but soon outstripped by Lerwick, that had a better position, mainly caused by the Dutch who traded with the islands and awaited the start of the seasonable herring fishery. At a certain evil moment, the inhabitants of Scalloway became that frustrated, that they set
ScallowayLerwick on fire. It didn't work out much. The lord, who didn't like to pay his architect, hang him, but later on he was hanged himself, as the population of the Shetlands complained against him at the Scottish queen, because they were treated very badly by him. The castle became a ruin.

Except this little piece of forest, you can't find any tree on the isles, probably a few little bushes, growed in a garden. The inhabitants say the climate is too windy. But a retired captain had his own thoughts about the question; Not the wind, but too many sheep! He might be right, but on the Faroes I also saw trees, growing in a park, but tied up with wire rope to protect them from being blown away...

The Shetlands aren't that crowded; about 13.000 people live there and the main population is living in Lerwick and Scalloway. Most houses are small, comfortable and solid built of stones. They are heated with peat. The old farm on the picture stands on the isle of Burra on the west side of Mainland. Time there didn't go on, as it looks like. There you still will find the original Shetland built houses, however equipped with a TV-antenna... (The picture down on this page). Almost no tourists visit this isle and I was glad to get a chance to go there; a different world at his own!

And the sea is everywhere.
Little hamlet Pony head
Burra - Old farmhouse You were on the Shet-
lands and didn't see
ponies? Impossible! But
their number is much
smaller than that of the
sheep. The moors are
covered with cotton
gras. And if you are
lucky, the fields will be
almost completely
House refit Cotton gras

Shetland original house Watermill
Left; one of the original houses of Burra, though
         with tv-antenna.
Above; an old watermill, situated on Mainland;
             restored and is a museum now.

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