Maiden trip... Q.V.-2 Sailing on high sea!
 On our way! To Heligoland and more! On the way to the Baltic Sea...

Q.V.-2 Downwind sailing on a rough sea
A lot of wind and a wild sea, but the deck still remains dry!
Q.V.-2 on the rough sea Q.V.-2 running before wind and sea

This series of photos is taken when we were on our way back from the Faroes, when we were sailing in the northern part of the Northsea. The Atlantic Ocean was rough due to strong winds from the east north east. We had to sail windward and because of the lots of water sweeping across the deck, I didn't make pictures. But it didn't make sense that much! The wind was backing to north and increased to gale. The waves come freely from the open ocean and at that place the Northsea is very deep. The height of the waves therefore doesn't decrease. Only after we had passed the Doggerbank, the waves became smaller as the sea there is much shallower. Waves run in groups; there come a number of big waves followed by a group of smaller ones. Sometimes the sea becomes almost flat, but for a short time only! The next group of big boys come very fast running. The biggest ones have the most speed. They climb on top of the smaller ones, building huge mountains. These mountains cause deep valleys and after a while the wave stops itself by filling those deep holes. That's why, to my opinion, you will see the flat areas of calm water. Also new short and small waves arise on top of the big ones, causing the conditions of large fresh water lakes. It's all a tremendous lot of noise and sailing windward creates constantly a shower! Strong winds at the Northsea
Roaring, booming and hissing the seas run underneath us!
High waves
When you're laying on the berth, it sounds like a locomotive is rumbling in...
Strong breeze at the ocean
You can see clearly the effect of the wind pressure on the back side of the waves! - Their backs become rather "hollow"...
Gale blowing

Q.V.-2 small and puny on am immense sea...
  Remember! O Lord, Thy sea is that wide and my ship just small...

Q.V.-2 riding the Northsea Q.V.-2 entering the Elbe 1 Q.V.-2 entering the Elbe 2

How I got the pictures above? Well... organise another yacht sailing the same way like you do... But then you have to make pictures of the other yacht as well! Like to see? Here they are...

Pintail hiding behind the sea Pintail on the waves Pintail... and hiding again.
Pintail... sailing the same way

...the sea isn't always rough...
 The remarkable rocky-island; Heligoland...


With this boat I many times made trips to the Shetlands, Faroes (archipelago in-between Scotland and Iceland), Denmark and northern Germany. Once, I also sailed through the Caledonian Canal in Scotland, from the Northsea to the Atlantic Ocean at the other side. That voyage passes Loch Ness (the monster was sleeping, I guess..) and along Greatbritains highest mountain, at the north side locally covered with some snow, the Ben Nevis. On the westside of Great-Britain you'll find the Hebrides with their picturesque villages. But for a next time I hope to be able to sail to Iceland itself, but the holidays are somewhat too short for that...


Northsea - oil production rig. Q.V.-2 lovely sailing across the Baltic

Big seaship on the Elbe
   This beautiful seafreighter - however old glory - overtakes us!
Spookschip in de mist
   Sometimes visibility is very poor and then the big brothers just fade along....

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