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I'm an amateur sailor, and photographer. Most times I'll take my camera with me to pictures all interesting scenes. I most like to picture nature. Of course, when sailing, my camera will accompany me. I'm also interested in architecture, technics and townships.

The cameras I work with, are old and old fashioned ones, without all the modern electronic tools that are common nowadays. I don't like the modern "I'll do the job for you!..."-ones. Many times I'll be in cold and humid areas and these fine electronic tools just very simple refuse to do their jobs. Besides that; I don't need Mr. Nikon to command me how to make pictures!
Most of the pictures you'll find on these pages, are made with an old Asahi Pentax, built in the sixties of - already - the previous age. This is a 35 mm camera with mirror reflection. I also owe a Mamiya RB67 camera, producing negatives of the 60 x 70 mm size, also mirror reflected. In addition I have a fine range of objectives, varying of from wide angle to tele. At home, I have a nice darkroom, fully equipped to develop colour pictures and the old style black-and-white. This is a very nice hobby, but you'll have to work very carefull.
Also I don't use digital cameras, mainly because the reasons, mentioned before. The quality also isn't still compatible to the chemical way. Besides that, the huge loads, these digital pictures take, make it necessary to invest much money in disks... But I can scan the negatives and in that way digitalize all pictures to put them on cd or on a website.

These Orchids are grown
near the little village
of Luttelgeest, in the reclaimed land
"Noordoostpolder"- Netherlands.
It is not very often that I picture people. For that I'm little bit too shy...
But in nature, trees and flowers, animals, insects like beattles and butterflies, I can find willing subjects.
Martin, my fellow traveller from Moscow to Novosibirsk
Martin - my fellow traveller
on my voyage from Moscow
to Novosibirsk - Siberia.

When you put the cursor on a picture, you will read its legend.

I'm a member of photo club FC DIN'81; established at Vollenhove, this club is member of
the Dutch Federation of Amateur photographers.



Noordoostpolder - De Voorst Noordoostpolder - Willows alongside the Zwolse Vaart
  These pictures were taken by an old 6 x 6 "Agfa-Isolette 2b" camera...

When I started photography I only worked in black-and-white. From a friend I very soon learned to develop the films and pictures. I worked in his home in a little room in the top of the house. Then I bought the enlarger and other things and worked in my own house. This I did for a rather long time, colour I only used to make dia positives as colour prints were too expensive and not good in that time. The pictures very quick bleeched out. By the end of the seventies however, I started to make colour pics. First I had my films and pictures developed by the shop, but had to fight many times to get the pictures in the way I wanted them to be... From a professional photographer I then learned how to develop colour pictures and from then I work them out completely by myself.

The Vlieland beach Sailing from the beach

Windsurfing from the beach Summer holidays
on the beach of
Vlieland Isle.

Old houses - Makkum Makkum - center
The old fisherman's village of
Makkum in Friesland

Glass with marbles

            No comments...
Still life
Still some more... Glass stop

Orchid.hoeve.1 Orchid.hoeve.2 Orchid.hoeve.3
  The "Orchideeënhoeve" near Luttelgeest in the "Noordoostpolder" (Netherlands).

Pulpit from left
Pulpit from right
Organ in church of the village Daarle
  The pulpit and organ in the church of the tiny village of Daarle - Netherlands.

Spiders.... awaiting their prey!
But be happy;
Not in the church above!

Diadem spider hanging on thread
Diadem spider on its web
Spider against the sky.. Spider from above

Haven van Bagenkop - Denemarken
  Above; The tiny harbour of Bagenkop
               Langeland - Denmark

                           Right; The old town of Rendsburg on the 
                                      border of the Nord-Ostseekanal
                                      in northern Germany

 ...and panorama cameras give an unexpected view!

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