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Welcome to my homepage!
Very nice that you take some time to read and to look to this homepage. Why do people make a website? There might be different reasons; for instance, commercial interests. But the question might be the same as why do people write books as there are (auto)biographies? In both cases, I guess, the answer will be the same... For me, I like to tell stories and to listen and read stories as well. Besides that, I have interesting hobby's, had an interesting job and I travelled to places, not everybody did so, as there are Russia, Shetland isles, Faroes, Hebrides...
I don't have the pretension to say that this is a complete summary of all those things, I'm interested in or doing.... It's just there to give you any idea how somebody can spend the time he got in this world.
Another thing is that I like to work on pc and to create pages like you will find here.

The accompanying pictures on this page I took from the book "De Zeilsport" written by the late author H.C.A. van Kampen.
He really was my - posthumous - teacher in sailing!


wrikkende jol
"Quo Vadis?" is in Latin language the question; "Where art thou going?"
These words are taken from the famous book of the Polish author; Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846 - 1916). St. Peter, just escaped from the big fire of Rome in the time of emperor Nero, finds himself on a hill outside the town. He is wondering what he shall have to do now; to go with the fleeing crowd or to return to the burning hell... He then gets a vision in which he sees Jesus Christ appearing and he asks Him; "Quo Vadis, Domine?" (Sir, where art thou going?) Then he sees that the figure changing into that of the crucified Christ and St. Peter decides to return to Rome, to face his end.

Well, I don't mean it that dejected as it seems to be here, but is reality not very often similar to this story? Not everybody will reach his target. Health, opportunity, possibilities, they all are very important circumstances.
More to this point of view; a sailor sails away and he very well knows the harbour he intends to visit. But the circumstances can change very sudden to prove to be his enemy causing the port of his arrival is not the same as the port of destination.
That's why I choose that name for my boat and for the motto of this site...


Most items on the next pages are photos and photos generate huge loads. Therefore it may last a long time before all pictures are fully visible. I very well know that you'll have to be very patient...
It is possible to scan the pictures at very low resolution and then to "explode" them. But the quality will become very bad and that is absolutely unacceptable to my opinion. Of course I could make "thumbnails", but myself I will click a few only and soon I will become sick of waiting, skipping the rest. All pictures are scanned to their final dimensions and not more, so the files aren't bigger than absolutely necessary. If sometimes the browser stops and shows the nice "blocks-with-fatal-cross", you'll have to realize yourself that all pictures are down loadable. You may press the "refresh" button, don't worry about the loaded files; your pc will buffer these files and then load the "lost" pictures.
Alongside you'll find links. You may press the buttons to see the respective pages.
I really hope you'll enjoy this website...
cat Astrid


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